About game

If you ever watch a swarm of bees, you know how well-organized and amazingly coordinated these creatures are. A bee hive works like a flawless mechanism and that’s because every bee knows its place and role. Bee Swarm Simulator 2 will give you a glimpse inside such a hive and the ability to control it making sure your colony expands and thrives! There are plenty of bees in the game that differ in rarity. Besides, they can be gifted – in that case, their primary characteristics will be increased. These parameters are what defines the rarity of the insect. The lowest rates belong to common bees.

When a bee increase its level, its indicators also grow up. Gaining experience occurs when you send an insect to its favorite meadow. So what parameters do the bees have? Energy shows the number of actions a bee is capable to performing while flying from the hive and back. For instance, pick up a certain number of nectar units or fight several monsters. Once the bee is out of energy, it needs to return home and restore it. Also note that all the bees will get back to the hive for som time if the beekeeper dies. Bees can’t replenish energy in the combs. There is a special effect in the game called Polar Force – it will allow you to upgrade this characteristic for the entire swarm. To do that, though, you need to complete the whole line of quests from the Polar Bear.

Speed defines how fast the insects move. When they are in the vicinity of the beekeeper, that parameter increases twice. Attack shows hoe much damage can be done in the fight. Some bees have no attack and they can’t combat. Keep in mind that the level of attack will remain the same even after your increase the level. Another important parameter is pollen collection – it’s how fast the bee collects nectar. The same is honey making. Both this characteristics will grow by 10% with each new level you gain.

By the way, if you want to change the type of a certain bee, you can do it by placing the selected insect in the Royal Jelly. It’s a good way to restructure your hive if you think that’s the right thing to do at the moment. And if some of the bees appear too lazy or useless to you, they can be kicked out of the house using the Check Out feature. Rule your hive wisely, make sure the needs and desires of all bees are met and turn your bee swarm into the mightiest and most productive in the whole area!

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