About game

Do you love managing things and producing something? How about keeping your own bee hive? Bee Swarm Simulator 2020 will turn you into a real beekeeper! This job isn’t as easy as it seems. You have to take care of many aspects for your swarm to work as effectively as possible and make loads of tasty honey. First of all, you must pick the right field. There are several of them in the game and you will unlock them as you progress. Different bees like different flowers that should be considered when choosing a meadow for your charges.
Each bee also comes with a set of parameters that can be increased and special skills that depend on its type and rarity. To get new bees, you need to acquire some eggs that can be bought in the store or received for accomplishing tasks. However, it’s not enough to just increase the number of bees in your swarm, you also need to protect them against any possible danger. So you see, you need not only honey collectors and carpenters, but also warriors. There are plenty of other peculiarities you should attend to while playing this amazing and addictive game. Start doing it right now and see how much honey you will be able to make!

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