About game

Bee Swarm Simulator 2021 is already here! And there all sorts of new amazing bees with unique abilities for you to check out! If you get lucky, you can hatch those rare bees that will make a great addition to your hive. For instance, how about a bomber bee who produces bombs and drops them on plants? These bombs picks up pollen from all plants located nearby, especially dandelions and cacti. However, they won’t work so well on pumpkins. You will also benefit from fraudster – this bee needs unceasing control, but it moves fast and attacks strongly. And you shouldn’t miss a chance to expand your swarm with a stylish bee who doesn’t have any special features, but looks incredibly fashionable!
Other bees have their own specializations as well. For example, stuttering bee moves at a very slow speed, but makes up for it by collecting a good deal of nectar. Contrary to that, hasty bee moves real fast and as a bonus also adds some speed to the beekeeper. There are brave bees that will protect the rest of the hive and lookout bees that will bring you useful information. The cool bee collects particularly a lot of nectar from blue flowers. And the stubborn bee is one of a kind – it can’t be controlled, but it can manage the trajectories of the other creatures.
The most incredible properties, however, belong to epic bees. Here you can find fire bee who casts bombs to collect pollen and its variety snowman bee whose bombs are frozen. There are also some interesting types including furious bee who works better when it gets angry and exhausted bee that can’t sleep and therefore doesn’t consume any energy. There is honey bee that makes the most delicious honey at an incredible speed, especially from alpine herbs and pumpkins. And there is shocked bee who has its own way of dealing with any unpredictable situations – it goes into a protective stupor.
And naturally your hive can’t do without carpenter bee that has building skills, baby bee increasing the level of luck and demon bee possessing magical skills and capable of battling any opponent. Discover more about the new types of bees available in Bee Swarm Simulator 2021 and enjoy this amazing game online!

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