Bee Swarm Simulator Roblox

About game

We appreciate Roblox as an open platform where everyone is free to build their own piece of virtual reality. We love its cute pixel graphics and the total freedom of action. Any player can join any game or quest available here and Bee Swarm Simulator is one of them. This is a game where you get your own bee hive under control. At first it will be small, but the more pollen you collect and the more eggs you are able to get your hands on, the bigger it will get.
Each bee that is born in your swarm has special skills and preferences. Some of them are faster, others collect more nectar, there are those that are efficient in fighting other insects that dare to attack your swarm and connoisseurs that will supply you with valuable information. Every member of your community also loves special types of plants and despises the others. For instance, some adore dandelions while the others can’t stand them. Some do better on alpine fields while the others are fans of fur trees. By studying the tastes of every bee you will maximize the productivity of the whole hive. If you send them to a suitable meadow, they will bring back more pollen.
And note – the fields aren’t a safe place. Only the starting ones are monster free. There you can get acquainted with the gameplay and see how the whole thing works. But then your way will lie to greener pastures that are quite a different story. One minute you can peacefully flutter among the flowers and the other moment you are under the attack of some monster. Almost all the bees have some fighting parameters, but some don’t. So you always need to keep some of the most belligerent of your bees nearby in case someone else from the swarm is in danger. And of course you should pay attention to increasing the stats of your diligent winged workers to bring up the output of pollen and produce more honey. Good luck on that difficult and fascinating quest!

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