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It’s so great when an update for your favorite game is released! You can discover what new features have been added by the developers and savor new content. If you are a fan of Bee Swarm Simulator, you will surely enjoy its updated version that is already available online! The game makers have included some minor improvements to the gameplay, as well as new accessories and quests.
First of all, you can now furnish your bees with a wider set of items. There are now bread climp, bag of honey and gummy glove that you can attach to certain bee types. You can also equip your winged charges with gummy beacon, honey wreath and festive nymph. These items can be found in the menu and you will be thrilled to see how they look on your bees!
Besides, there are now ten additional quests that you need to complete before you can finish the bear bee quest line. To get the Mondo gift box, you will also have to pass two more quests from now on. Let’s agree, doing that in Bee Swarm Simulator is really fascinating and we don’t mind showing our best to earn another achievement!

Finally, the changes have also been applied to passive skills. For instance, star rain now activates after each 40th token, and the collection from bonus for gifted bees was increased to +50%. The pop star skill now increased the bubble buff for one more second and the maximum amount of blue pollen has also been upped. Similar alterations have been made to the glowing star, marmalade star and star saw abilities. Enjoy a more dynamic and better balanced gameplay in Bee Swarm Simulator update!

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