About game

Everyone loves honey. And where does this sweet thing come from? That’s right, from bees! And in this great game you can set your own personal record in producing this product by controlling your own bee hive. Bees are your main assistants in making honey. They will also give you a hand in battling the monsters and driving them away from the meadows. First, your charges will pick up pollen from various flowers and herbs that you can later find in your bag. Once you get back from your trip to the swarm, the bees will start using the nectar for producing honey.

But where will you get bees themselves? They emerge from eggs that are harvested in several ways. You can get them for accomplishing bear quests or purchase the eggs in the game store. Besides, they also drop out of the enemies that attack you on the fields. Another way to purchase them is for tickets or Robuxes, or they can be exchanged for gift codes. Finally, once in a while you will meet a special character named Onetta who will come to your hive to give you different tasks. Completing them will also give you access to new eggs. And don’t forget to keep an eye on huge shining sprouts that will appear near your hive from time to time. After destroying them, you will knock out a good deal of useful stuff, including bee eggs.

The dropped eggs will then pop up in your inventory. When you return to the hive, you need to open the bag and place the egg you want to hatch into any of the honeycombs that are now free. After some time, you can greet a new resident of your swarm. Note that eggs come in different types. Common ones can spawn both common and rare bees. But if you get your hands on a silver, gold or even diamond egg, you will definitely get one of the rare insects every player can be proud of. There is also a certain chance to discover epic and legendary bees. Finally, there are mythic eggs from which the rarest and most unique bees are born.

But that’s not everything. There are also special eggs that can be received only from a special creature. For instance, you can get them from a ladybug, rhino beetle or tunnel bear. Besides, you can take advantage of event eggs – as you can guess, they are awarded for participating in special events. When the egg is about to crack, you will see a liquid oozing out of it – that’s royal jelly. This substance can turn any bee into an unusual creature that will have the features of the egg type. So what, are you ready to become the head of your own hive? Then start playing Bee Swarm Simulator right now!

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