About game

Playing online games is a great pastime. But it’s even more exciting to do it with a friend! Whether you work as a team or compete against each other, it’s much more interesting than playing against the AI. And Bee Swarm Simulator offers an incredible ability for two people to share the gameplay! You will be able to play with your friend and enjoy all the ups and downs of the beekeeping career together.
Basically, this is a simulator of a bee hive where each insect performs a certain role. They all collect pollen and bring it back to make honey. But the rate at which they do it and the productivity of each bee is different. It also strongly depends on the types of meadows, so you should choose a place where you will send your bees next time very carefully.
Each bee also has a certain amount of energy. When it runs out, the insect won’t be able to do its job anymore. It will get sleep and will need to return to the hive to restore strength. So keep an eye on the energy bar and don’t make bees that are already tired fly too far and do too much work.
The structure of your hive is also very important. Since all the bees have different characteristics and skills, some of them will be more effective for gathering nectar while others will show themselves better in battles. And there are plenty of enemies to fight here! Your bees will be periodically attacked by different monsters and that’s where you’ll need great soldiers. You will find out many other details and secrets of this wonderful game playing it with a friend!

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