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Bee Swarm Simulator Game Play Online Free

Being so big, smart and important, humans really take a moment to stop and observe life around them. And when we do, we get amazed by the intricate and graceful patterns of nature. For instance, a swarm of bees. It’s incredible how these tiny beings manage to do their job so well and so in tune with each other. They never have any differences as to who is meant to collect pollen and who needs to build new combs, who will defend the hive from invaders and who will make honey. In their small but awesomely well-structured world, everything works like a clock. Isn’t it wonderful how they do it? Bee Swarm Simulator invites you to take a closer look at the life of bees and even lead their colony in an effort to become the greatest beekeeper and honey maker the world has ever seen!

Run your own bee hive!

At the start of the game, you get a few bees under your control that should be sent to a field to collect nectar that they will then bring back and use for honey production. The first bees you will receive will be of the simplest kind. They will have a range of characteristics that will affect their efficiency on the meadow. Each bee has a speed, collection rate, energy bar and also attack level. These parameters can be increased after gaining experience. Also the bees come in different varieties – there are several rarity types and also specialized bees within each. There are bees that move faster, collect more nectar, those with good attack skills and those that run a check on the surroundings to tell you if there are any monsters near. Some can drop bombs to collect all the pollen that is around at once.
The life of a bee in this game is far from safe. You can be attacked by ladybugs, spiders, ants and scorpions. Depending on the skills of your bee, it can survive or die. But you can always send other bees to protect the hive. Some bees also have unique skills – for instance, a carpenter bee will help you in building while a baby bee increases your luck. The bees hatch from eggs that can be obtained in different ways. You can get them for passing quests or simply buy in the store.

Collect pollen, make honey!

Bee Swarm Simulators offers plenty of locations where you can collect pollen. You’ll start with the basic field that has no monsters. Later on you’ll get access to more advanced meadows with a wider range of plants. The catch is that different bees have preference for different flowers and herbs. You should consider where to send them so that they can pick up nectar most effectively.

So what the whole thing is about? Of course, making honey. It serves as the game currency and is produced either in the hive or with the help of an instant converter. You will also get honey for killing monsters, collecting sparkles and goo on the fields. Some accessories you can equip your bees with also have the ability to instantly turn nectar into honey. Discover the amazing life of the bees, turn your hive into the biggest and most productive and make more honey that anymore on the leaderboards!

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